The Antarian prophecy predates the current eon by nearly two thousand years. Modern historians of Esteon agree that the prophecy was first written down shortly after the breaking of the heartstone, though the turmoil following The Unmaking makes it nearly impossible to be sure. Since Antarian relics are rare and often coveted for their power, most Antarian sources of information that contain insight into the prophecy are jealously guarded secrets.

Even so, the prophecy is well-known among many circles, especially those of human nobility and scholar. It is speculated that members of the pure races, as they often refer to themselves, may know much more. It is also rumored that several Shikara who survived the Unmaking, still live today.

The prophecy speaks of the mythic Quantasi. Humans who possess not only more than one affinity, but all twelve. It further states, to the horror of the pure races, that the magnitude of the Quantasi affinities is matched only by the most powerful of Archmagi who are incredibly rare in their own right.

According to the prophecy, a Quantus will come who will wreak havoc and destruction on the seven races of Esteon in their quest to conquer the world. “The races will again be driven to commit atrocity against one another and the skies will turn red above the fires of destruction. All who survive will lament the glory of the Quantus and pray to the Aspects for the release of death. Woe to the…” This excerpt is in poor condition and is one of the only known Antarian sources that speaks openly about the Quantus. The relic was recently stolen from the Aldamere academy where it was housed for nearly a century.

The prophecy does not speak only poorly of the Quantasi, however. Another excerpt from the same relic states that the Quantasi are always born in pairs, a Quatus and a Quantul who is capable of nullifying all magic around them and a testament to the wisdom and mercy of the Aspects. Though its translation is disputed, another badly damaged section of the relic says that a Quantus will also come to unite the seven races in a time of great need.

It was once believed that the Quantasi were born once every one hundred years. However, there is currently no known or recorded existence of a Quantus since the Unmaking.

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